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Pet Surgery

General surgery includes spays, neuters, declaws, and other soft tissue surgery, as well as orthopedic surgery.

Pet Spay/Neuter

The benefits of spaying or neutering your cat are numerous. The procedure, which prevents animals from reproducing, can extend and enhance your dog’s or cat’s lifespan.

The decision to spay or neuter your dog or cat should be made for both medical and behavioral reasons. Pets who have been spayed or neutered are less likely to roam, reducing the likelihood of conflicts or other traumas like getting hit by a car. Spayed and neutered cats are less likely to mark their territory with their urine.

Pet Declaws

Declawing is the surgical removal of the claws and third phalanges (toe bones) from cats. The claw may grow back if only a portion of the phalanx is removed.

Declawing cats is turning into a contentious procedure and moving towards other aesthetic procedures like tail docking and ear cutting. Less than half of American veterinary colleges have a required lecture or lab to teach this surgery.

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Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

We are glad to provide a variety of surgical treatments to our patients as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best caliber veterinary care.

For many pet owners, surgery can be a cause of stress and anxiety. Maybe you’re concerned about how well your pet will be taken care of, or maybe you’re worried about taking the proper safety measures and keeping an eye on things. Let’s talk about your worries.