Pet Laser Surgery

The CO2 Laser, the most recent in surgical technology, is something that Northgate Animal Hospital is proud to provide to its clients.

Pet Laser Surgery

Northgate Animal Hospital provides laser surgery for pets of all shapes and sizes. Our doctors perform surgical procedures using a state-of-the-art surgical laser which provides many benefits to our patients. Because the laser cauterizes as it cuts, there is less bleeding, pain and swelling which provides a reduced risk of infection and a quicker recovery for your pet.

  • Less pain – The CO2 laser seals nerve endings as it “cuts”, so your pet may require less anesthesia during the operation, reducing the risk of complications. Pain after surgery is also reduced.
  • Less bleeding – The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery.
  • Less swelling – Laser energy does not crush, tear, or bruise tissue because there is no physical contact with the tissue.
  • Less Stress – to the patient due to less pain, inflammation, and bleeding.
  • Less Inflammation – thus less scratching and licking at the surgical site.
  • Less risk of infection – The CO2 laser sterilizes as it removes diseased tissue, killing bacteria that cause infection.
  • Less Recovery Time – Quick return to normal activities – Healing is rapid, and there is less postoperative discomfort.