Class 4 Therapy Laser

Class 4 Therapy Laser To Help Manage Pain And Swelling Of All Types.

Class 4 Therapy Laser

Northgate Animal Hospital is now offering Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments for advanced pain relief and enhanced healing.

A safe, non-invasive option for pain control, wound healing, and rehabilitation is a high-power therapy laser.

The acquisition of a Class IV therapeutic laser, which provides increased pain treatment and improved tissue repair, is proudly announced by Northgate Animal Hospital. Offering these services to our patients makes us very happy. For the pets of our clients, laser therapy is a cutting-edge, medication- and surgery-free treatment option.

Because the Platinum IV by K-Laser is the most cutting-edge and efficient Class IV therapeutic laser, we selected it. The Platinum IV K-laser uses high-energy laser therapy to safely penetrate deep into the body to reduce pain and promote healing. Numerous animals experience constant pain as a result of arthritis brought on by hip dysplasia, spondylosis, traumatic injury, etc. Non-steroid anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are effective at reducing pain, but prolonged use of these medications may have negative side effects. Additionally, some animals are intolerant to NSAIDs. There are fewer pain-management choices available for feline patients since cats are more susceptible to some of these drugs. For them, a secure solution is offered by laser therapy.